Is Your Dream Too Big?

Is Your Dream Too Big?

Has your dream ever seemed to big to come true?

Have you created your Vision Timeline and it still doesn’t seem right?

Has this caused you to doubt or maybe even defer your dream?

Let’s look at how to avoid this.

First you must ask is your Vision Timeline reasonable?

You must at all times be SMART about your goals and dreams.

Let’s be clear, we here at MMBBTM believe that, goals are the stops on the way to your dream.

Once you embrace that concept you may be well on your way to the “right-sized” dream.

Let’s look at a basic breakdown:

You have determined that you can attain your dream in 5 years, but have only set one goal, which is to attain your dream. Sorry to say, that can’t work. You need small checkpoints to not only get you to your dream but to self-motivate.

Let’s try again:

You have determined that you can attain your dream in 5 years and you have set 5 solid goals to attain this dream. While this may work for some it won’t work for everyone. The more goals you set to attain your dream the quicker you will attain it. The original motivation won’t leave since you constantly have goals and are reaching them, letting you know that you are one step closer to your dream.

Plan. Prepare. Partake


My Black Is…

My black is…

My black is struggling

Struggling for air

Claustrophobia setting in

Enclosed by the boundaries put forth by my skin

It’s amazing how we can learn to turn on & turn off our “ethnic swag” only to be hindered by our “black”. But I’m not black

I’m more caramel like that which gets covered in chocolate

The same color chocolate that so many of my brothers and sisters are

I’m more the color of a dark Egyptian sand like that sand that rests in the shadows of the pyramids built by ancestors far removed but never forgotten

My black is smooth

My black is cool

Don’t forget it’s claustrophobic, I’m cloaked & covered in it

A constant non-removable identity that not only represents me but those of the same hue

Forever entwined and connected

My black is a brand

Eternal commodity

Everlasting endurance

My black is promoting preconceived notions and battling biased boundaries & tearing down stereotypical standards at the same damn time.

My black is my warning

My black is dangerous.

-Arthur L. Woodson III