Is Your Dream Too Big?

Is Your Dream Too Big?

Has your dream ever seemed to big to come true?

Have you created your Vision Timeline and it still doesn’t seem right?

Has this caused you to doubt or maybe even defer your dream?

Let’s look at how to avoid this.

First you must ask is your Vision Timeline reasonable?

You must at all times be SMART about your goals and dreams.

Let’s be clear, we here at MMBBTM believe that, goals are the stops on the way to your dream.

Once you embrace that concept you may be well on your way to the “right-sized” dream.

Let’s look at a basic breakdown:

You have determined that you can attain your dream in 5 years, but have only set one goal, which is to attain your dream. Sorry to say, that can’t work. You need small checkpoints to not only get you to your dream but to self-motivate.

Let’s try again:

You have determined that you can attain your dream in 5 years and you have set 5 solid goals to attain this dream. While this may work for some it won’t work for everyone. The more goals you set to attain your dream the quicker you will attain it. The original motivation won’t leave since you constantly have goals and are reaching them, letting you know that you are one step closer to your dream.

Plan. Prepare. Partake



Moment of clarity. Continuing education is a must. Focus of the mindset. Pushing boundaries is a standard. Exceeding expectations is a priority. Combining the majority & the minority. Unification. Utopia. Uplift. Steady the revolution rolls on from forever to forever. The pioneers became Principals in the schooling of our minds. Greatness is earned, yearned & learned. Can you feel it? The fire of desire, eternal flame. The creation of wealth, health & happiness for generations has long began. Passed through the vessel of knowledge & received by receptive minds. Time isn’t wasted, it is invested. Time is sowed, nurtured & harvested. Ultimately the burden falls on all so pull your weight times ten. This is merely one part of an infinite series of epiphanies to come. Translations for the transformation from used to be to new and improved. Positivity onward. Enjoy your journey.


Connect 4our Challenge

A challenge has been made!

A personal money drive if you will??

How much do you want to raise???


Connect 4our Strategy


$280/day=$11.70/hr(24hrs/day)=$17.50/hr(16hrs up, 8 for sleep)

$100,000 Good Luck 😉


Understand Your “Circle” #MMBB

Your circle of circles

Overlapping Circles

You are a nucleus (positively charged)

You are the center…but it doesn’t revolve around you

It RESPONDS to you

Water Ripple Effect

Someone not in your “circle” can catch your ripple

They can be affected by your waves, both + & –

What waves do you send???

What waves do you receive???

Send out more of what you want.

YOU are the nucleus (positively charged central core)